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We are Manuka Studio

What We Do

What we do

Manuka Studio is group of creative artists providing video, photography, editing, web design and branding services to professionals in entertainment.


Headshots, Look Books, Editorial, Travel & Hospitality


Video Look Books, Monologues, Auditions, Travel & Hospitality  


Showreels, Commercials, Music Videos, Trailers, Short Films

Design & Development

Personal Websites, Business Websites, Branding, Graphic Design  


Manuka is QUALITY|PRECISION|INNOVATION. Browse our most recent projects below.

Fashion & Editorial

Event Coverage

  • Client: Poolside Store & PR

Commercial & Hospitality

  • Client: Explore Destination & Cuisine Guides

Event Coverage

  • Client: Blue Marlin Ibiza & Explore Guides

Travel & Tourism

  • Client: Explore Guides


Fashion & Editorial

  • Camera: Leica Camera AG M8


Personal & Professional Websites

2 Dudes from the Far East..

The driving forces behind Manuka Studio are Sam Coltart and Thy Tran. They have many years of combined creative experience from around the world. Supported by a solid network of experienced collaborators they consistently find the solutions and get the jobs done.

Sam Coltart

Sam Coltart

Design, Development & Photography View Details
Thy Tran

Thy Tran

Production & Editing View Details
Sam Coltart

Sam Coltart

Design, Development & Photography
Thy Tran

Thy Tran

Production & Editing

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